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By BusChennai to Bangalore bus is pretty simple. Bangalore can be reached from Chennai easily by bus in about 6 hours. The distance can be easily covered within a few hours depending on the bus, both government and private buses ply. For one to travel to Bangalore from Chennai, options are plenty.

By Train – Travellers can opt for Chennai to Bangalore train travel as there are plenty of trains that operate between the two stations. There are approximately 90 trains that run weekly from Chennai to Bangalore so choose the timings best suited and travel. - If you want to know how to reach Bangalore from Chennai, this is the best option.

By FlightChennai to Bangalore flight travel is possible if you wish to travel quickly to Bangalore. The flights take a maximum of 1 hour 30 minutes.

By Road – The total Chennai to Bangalore distance is about 348 kilometres. Chennai to Bangalore by road takes about 5 hours 50 minutes. Travelling from Chennai to Bangalore by car is best done with friends over a weekend. The distance between the two metros is pretty close and there are many ways through which one can complete the journey.


Bangalore – The Garden City

Bangalore is abuzz with cosmopolitan culture and is a melting pot of nationalities and customs. This modern city has plenty to offer people from every category.

Things to Do

There are plenty of sightseeing Bangalore as it is diverse and has a very cultural and at the same time modern feel about it. For those interested in seeing the historical landmarks or architecture be sure to visit Bangalore fort, TipuHYPERLINK "" Sultan's Summer Palace, Bangalore Palace, VidhanaHYPERLINK "" HYPERLINK ""Soudha, Attara Kacheri Chowdiah Memorial Hall. Bangalore is home to a large number of temples museums and art galleries. Some of which are ISKCON Temple, Bull temple, Channakeshava Temple, HAL Aerospace Museum, Kempe Gowda Museum and The National Gallery of Modern Art. For those of you interested in nature and wildlife do take some time to see the Dodda Alada Mara (big banyan tree) Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore aquarium and Butterfly Park and Pyramid valley.


There are many places to go if one wants hotels in Bangalore. Since Bangalore is the IT capital there are a large number and types of accommodation available, from the elite hotels like The Taj or The Oberoi to more affordable accommodations like service apartments and guest homes.

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Prabhu, Chennai,
3 Reviews | 1 View

The staff at the flight are very courteous

1 month ago
Mode of Transport: Flight

Travelling through jet airways is always a pleasure. Passengers have the benefit of having tasty hot food. The staff at the flight are very courteous. The airports at both cities are very good. Jet airways operate flights at convenient times and have an excellent connectivity to across the world.

    • Airline name:
    • Boarding airport:
    • Rating:
    • Last airport:
    • Rating:
Harish  Manek

Harish , Chennai,
8 Reviews | 2 Views

Worth a ride

Mode of Transport: Bus

I was travelling to Bangalore this time around in a bus for a change, it is a different story that I have used most of the other options for reaching this destination.

But this option was good because I was travelling in the night and I did not pick a ac because it reaches early in the morning to Bangalore always has a lovely early morning weather and I took the KSRTC bus with two sleeper sets with total privacy curtains and the journey was so smooth that I never found that we have reached a breakpoint so fast and after refreshment the rest of the journey was also very comfortable. In short I liked the journey and would certainly recommend to business or official persons to take this journey which I am sure will recharge them in no time when they reach the destination.

    • Bus Type:
    • Sleeper
    • This bus has:
    • Comfortable seats
    • Charging Point
    • Reading Light
Partha Sarathy

Partha, Chennai,
1 Review

Roads were excellent

Jan 27, 2016
Mode of Transport: Bus

Total expense incurred is Rs 1000 but the facilities provided are reasonable compared to the cost incurred so its affordable to all and the journey time has been passed out by watching movie and the hotel at stopping place is also good. It is very convenient to go in the bus.

    • Bus Type:
    • A/C
    • This bus has:
    • TV/Entertainment
    • Comfortable seats
    • Blanket
    • Pillow
    • Water Bottle
    • Charging Point
    • Reading Light
Mani Rokr

Mani, Chennai,
1 Review | 1 View

Train journey offers a Beautiful views seen many trees

Jan 11, 2016
Mode of Transport: Train

I really liked the train journey in Brindavan express where the seatings were top notch and i really liked the foods inside the train they were upto my expectations.

We can easily sit comfortably and there is a lot of space in between the rows and we can have a nice breeze as the fans were working up to the mark.

There were around 6 fans for every columns and around 12 members can sit and enjoy the ride.

I really liked the samosa in jolarpettai station on the way to bangalore.

If i go via this station I am sure I will buy samosa.

They were selling Idly's, Dosa, Pongal and vada and cool drinks like pepsi, coke etc.

Water bottles were neatly packed and cheap so even low class people can afford.

Toilets were not up to the mark but way more than my expectations.

As its a day time travel i don't have time for checking the beds.

Really loved the journey.

    • Tickets booked:
    • 30 days prior
    • This train has:
    • Veg. Food
    • On-time
    • This station has
    • Food available for purchase
    • Books/Newspaper to buy
    • Medical facility
    • Prepaid auto/taxi
    • This station has
    • Food available for purchase
    • Accomodation
    • Books/Newspaper to buy
    • Medical facility
    • Prepaid auto/taxi

Srinivasan, Bangalore,
3 Reviews

Bad experience

Jan 6, 2016
Mode of Transport: Bus

It was raining out side very heavily and the AC was high. It was shivering and the bus service dint even provide a blanket for courtesy. It did not stop for lady passengers for toilet breaks and did not stop for dinner as well. The service was pathetic that day.

    • Bus Type:
    • A/C

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