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Travelling from Bhubaneshwar to Puri –

By Bus – Travelling by bus is one of the most economical ways to travel and this is the means of transport that is used most often by students as it is convenient and budget-friendly. The distance from Bhubaneswar to Puri is approximately 59 km and it takes about two hours for a reliable driver to cover the Bhubaneshar to Puri distance. There are many Bubaneswar to Puri buses available.

By Train – Travel to Puri from Bhubaneshwar by rail and the distance is approximately 63 km. There are direct Bhubaneswar to Puri trains available, one of the most popular trains on this route is the Puri Durg Express.

By Flight – The aerial distance between Bhubaneswar and Puri is only 53 km but there are no direct Bhubaneswar to Puri flights available. A Bubaneswar to Puri flight is not available as Puri has to airport and the closest airport to Puri is the airport in Bhubaneswar.

By Car/Cab – The distance of approximately 63 km is easily covered by a car. Bhubaneswar to Puri by car is one of the best ways to take this journey. So if you’re wondering how to reach from Bhubaneswar to Puri, this is the best way to do so. 

Puri – A Blessed Land

Situated on the Bay of Bengal, the city of Puri is also known as Jagannath Puri named after the Jagannath Temple that dates back to the 12th-century. It is a Municipality of Odisha and the district headquarters of Puri district. With the objective of looting the temple treasures, Puri and Jagannath Temple have been invaded several times by Muslim and Hindu rulers. Almost 80% of the city's economy is dependent on tourism and religious activities of the Jagannath Temple. 24 festivals take place in the temple complex every year, 13 of which are major festivals, that contribute to the economy.

Things to Do

Sightseeing in Puri would begin with one of the Char Dham i.e., four most sacred pilgrimage places of Hindus, is the Puri Shree Jagannath Mandir. The Rath-Yatra that takes place here is the biggest, oldest and most visited Rath Yatra in the world drawing millions of people every year. Attending this should be on top of the "must-do" list of every tourist travelling to Puri. Being a very religious city, there are many other temples that are popular tourist attractions as well, like Shree Lokanath temple, Sunara Gaurang temple, Bedi Hanuman temple, Chakra Tirtha temple and so on. Apart from these, one should enjoy the splendour of the Golden beach of Puri.

A popular holiday destination, hotels in Puri cater to tourists from all over India. There are many hotels and resorts that offer quality services at very reasonable rates. It is advisable to avoid places to stay after the light house in marine drive road as the as the accessibility to the road is poor. 

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Travelling tips from Bhubaneswar to Puri

Zia Rahaman

Zia, Barrackpore,
13 Reviews | 6 Views

A comfortable journey

Jun 13, 2016
Mode of Transport: Taxi

Very wonderful, trustworthy helpful tour operator in Puri. You can get Bhubaneswar Airport pick up to Puri or Puri to Bhubaneswar airport drop at Rs. 1260/-, and Puri or Chilika or Bhubaneswar sightseeing also at very competitive and affordable rates.

Car is new, comfortable, A/C is fine, the most important is the driver Sk. Nazir (M-09777930486) who is a very skillful driver, helpful, polite, informative, give you enough time to visit tourist spot and always on time. Tour operator Mr. Tanmaya Das (9437184830, 9861188144) is very nice person. He arranges tour according to your needs and best of rates. If you plan to visit Orissa (Puri, Konark, Bhubaneswar) you can trust "Exotic Orissa".

    • Car Type:
    • Hatchback
    • This route has:
    • Petrol pumps
    • Accomodation
    • Food/Dhabas
    • Route Taken:
    • NH203
Jagdish Raval

Jagdish, Ahmedabad,
412 Reviews | 3 Views

A nice journey

Dec 18, 2015
Mode of Transport: Taxi

We have booked a taxi online by Clear Car Rental which is Aurangabad base Taxi booking Company. The company is working all India booking.They are cheap and reliable according to my 4 deal with them. An Innova car was ready for our trip from Bhubaneshwar. We made a halt of 2 hours at Sun Temple, Konark and one beach on the way. After city tour of Puri we relieved taxi at Puri Beach in evening. Overall a nice journey.

    • Car Type:
    • SUV
    • Route Taken:
    • NH 203
Rajes Saa

3 Reviews | 2 Views

A good journey

Oct 28, 2015
Mode of Transport: Car

It is amazing to go to puri by car. You will see all the spot between Puri and Bhubaneswar. Also you can go to Konark without any disturbance. Now the road between Puri and bbsr is very good. There is also better transportation system like bus, train are available at all time. But in car it has some other experience which you can enjoy by only your personal car.

    • Car Type:
    • Sedan
    • This route has:
    • Petrol pumps
    • Accomodation
    • Food/Dhabas
    • Route Taken:
    • Jagannath Sadak
Saurabh Joshi

Saurabh, Bhubaneswar,
6 Reviews | 24 Views

Great journey of hours

Oct 12, 2015
Mode of Transport: Bus

we travelled in AC city bus which we boarded from Bhubaneshwar to Puri. It took around 2 hours or more to reach the bus stand. The fair was 100. And the bus didn't have any stoppage. We took all the food and water before boarding the bus as we did know about its direct journey.

The journey is comfortable but my advice to the solo travellers would be to carry some good music on your phone, take some magazines and snacks are must for it.

    • Bus Type:
    • A/C
    • This bus has:
    • GPS Tracking
    • Reading Light
Sushovan Jana

Sushovan, Bhubaneswar,
2 Reviews | 4 Views

Worth travelling but the train was crowded

Aug 15, 2015
Mode of Transport: Train

It was a worthy travel. Although personally I didn't like because of the huge crowd and hawkers buying /selling. In the beach strip which is supposed to be fun. Lord Jagannaath is considered as the supreme God of all Hindus residing in Odisha. Puri is located at the scenic shoreline of Odisha and due to its amazing weather.

    • Tickets booked:
    • 60 days prior
    • This train has:
    • Veg. Food
    • This station has
    • Food available for purchase
    • Books/Newspaper to buy
    • Last Station:
    • This station has
    • Food available for purchase

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