Bhubaneswar to Paradip

Take this perfect way to reach Paradip from Bhubaneswar. This is the best possible method to reach Paradip from Bhubaneswar. Paradip is only 105 kms away from Bhubaneswar.

Transport options from Bhubaneswar to Paradip

Bhubaneswar to Paradip By Bus: Lot of buses operate on this route at various price ranges making it very convenient for travellers. A wide variety of bus operators with multiple bus types operate on this route including Volvo A/C Semi-sleeper (2+2), Volvo A/C Multi Axle Semi-sleeper (2+2), Volvo A/C -Multi Axle Semi-sleeper (2+2). Hurry up! Check the availability of bus tickets for Paradip from city Bhubaneswar. Plenty of government and private buses travel between Bhubaneswar and Paradip. On an average, Bhubaneswar to Paradip travel time is 2 hours.

Bhubaneswar to Paradip By Train: Check the train status, schedule, timetable and availability to reach Paradip from Bhubaneswar It takes 2 hours by train to reach Paradip from Bhubaneswar. Paradip is the nearest railway station. It is about 3 kms from Bhubaneshwar airport.

Bhubaneswar to Paradip By Car: If you wish to travel from Bhubaneswar to Paradip by road instead, find the complete guide about taxis from Bhubaneswar to Paradip. Take a car or hire a taxi from Bhubaneswar to Paradip. It will cost you INR 5 per kilometre, depending on the choice of your car. The toll tax should be paid separately by you.

Bhubaneswar to Paradip By Flight: Check availability of flights from Bhubaneswar to Paradip. There are direct flights available to Paradip from Bhubaneswar. It takes 1 hour to reach by flight. You can conveniently book prepaid cabs from the airport to reach your destination in Paradip. Bhubaneshwar airport is the nearest airport near Paradip. It is about 86 kms from Bhubaneshwar airport to Paradip.

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