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Had to wake up early as there are only early morning flights to Guwahati

Nov 30, 2013
Mode of Transport: Flight

The journey was pleasant, had to wake up really early as there are only morning flights from Bangalore to Guwahati Airport. It's only recently that there's a flight directly from Guwahati to Bangalore, otherwise, normally it's a one stop flight journey via Kolkata. Un-officially Guwahati can be called the capital of North-East India, and once you reach here, it's a whole new world altogether distinct in nature from most part of mainland-India, that is why it's always better to see for yourself. Guwahati has Brahmaputra River flowing right through it making it an amazing sight from the river bank, imagining about the historic war between the Ahom King and the Britishers from across the river banks is beautiful!

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