How to reach Chikmagalur

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How To Reach Chikmagalur

If you’re planning on a trip and ‘how to go to Chikmagalur’ is your top question, well there are different modes of transport that you can choose from. There are a number of spots when it comes to sightseeing in Chikmagalur. With various resorts and hotels in Chikmagalur that cater to the need of the discerning traveller, Chikmagalur is an ideal place to travel.

By Bus: When looking up ‘Chikmagalur travel’, a Chikmagalur visit by bus is what most people opt for, where you don’t have the hassle of driving a car at the same time you don’t need to compromise on the passing scenic beauty. Book a Chikmagalur trip by bus early this season so that you don’t miss out on a great holiday experience.  

By Train: Want to know how to reach Chikmagalur by train? The closest train station to Chikmagalur is in Bangalore which is 203km away. There are a number of trains that connect to Bangalore from different places. Always check schedules thoroughly as the train schedule for your travel to Chikmagalur may change at any time. The train schedules are always kept updated, making your Chikmagalur travel easier to navigate. So if you are looking for a Chikmagalur train you will have to travel to Bangalore railway station and from there you can take a cab or taxi to Chikmagalur.

By Flight: There are no direct flights to Chikmagalur since there is no Chikmagalur airport. The closest airport is 113kms away in Mangalore. There are international and domestic flights landing in Mangalore Airport. These flights can be quite affordable if booked early. So a Chikmagalur travel has to be done by first taking a flight to Mangalore and then taking a bus, taxi or car rental to Chikmagalur.

By Cab/Car: Wondering how to reach Chikmagalur by road? The drive up is a pleasant journey while you travel through lush greenery and talk mountains. Chikmagalur is known for its coffee and driving through here is refreshing. It is relatively easy to reach Chikmagalur by car through various cab companies. Stop are the roadside stalls and have a coffee roll down your windows and breathe in the fresh air and travel the scenic route, and that is how you travel to Chikmagalur.

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