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Holiday Home, Puri

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237 traveller reviews for Holiday Home hotel

"Nice accomodation and friendly staff"

2 months ago

I have been there with my family. I found that resort With good ambiance. Service was excellent. I will recommend my friends to be there and take a good experience over there. Last but not least the Beach side restaurant is one of my favorite.

"Rooms were up to the mark; comfortable bed"

, Kolkata
2 months ago

Hotel was okay. Location was average and it was near to the sea beach. View was not available from room. Rooms were up to the mark. Comfortable bed and clean bedsheet was available in room. I made my food from myself. Kitchen facility was available. Services were okay. Inner and outer look of the hotel was so-so. Puri as a tourist place is excellent for visit. I can recommend this hotel for travelers.

"Nice accommodation; food was tasty"

, Kolkata
2 months ago

Hotel was okay. Rooms were well maintained, neat and clean. TV and all other basic amenities were available in room. Services were fully satisfactory. Food was tasty. Location was excellent. Hotel was situated at about 10 mins walking distance from sea beach. Appearance was awesome. Puri place is fabulous for visit. It is fully recommendable for travelers.

"Best hotel; sea facing rooms were good"

, Kolkata
2 months ago

While I was visiting Digha, I stayed in Holiday Home. Everything was good in the hotel, nothing bad. The best thing in this hotel was that the door was closed at nighttime. There was no view visible from the room's window because we stayed in a ground floor room. The sea was visible from 1st floor. Basic amenities such as TV, kitchen, etc. were available in the rooms. Geyser was not available. Food was not available there so we took our meal outside the hotel. If you want to cook the food then they arranged all kitchen items to cook it. Location of the hotel was very good. Look wise, hotel's appearance was average. Booking, front office, and reception services were not up to the mark. Services of the hotel were nice. Rooms were very good. Garden was not there. Puri as a tourist destination is an excellent place. It is a recommendable hotel to our friends.
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"Location was very good"

2 months ago

My last vacation was in Puri. Location was very good. Hotel was situated just in front of beach and near to the lighthouse. Food was fabulous. Veg and non-veg both varieties were available. Staff behavior was friendly. Rooms were neat and clean. TV was available in basic amenities but geyser was not available. Beach view was not available in room. Services were fast. Lawn area was available but nothing was available in activities. Look wise the hotel was good. I booked my room in advance. Reception was cooperative and helpful. Overall, it is recommendable hotel for travelers.

"All facilities were good"

, Thane
2 months ago

In Puri, I stayed at Holiday Home. Hotel was located at 2 to 3 mins distance from the beach. No view of beach was seen from the room. Kitchen facility was there. Lodging was there but fooding was not there. We stayed there for about 5 days. We travelled there with my family by train. Services of the staff were good. They were very friendly and helpful in nature. Rooms were good. They were neat and clean. No gardens and playing area were there. Location of the hotel was average. Hotel's appearance was good. 2 floors were there. We booked the room directly from Calcutta. We did not face any trouble for taking the rooms. TV and geyser was not available there. It is in budget. Puri as a tourist place is an excellent place to visit.

"Good facilities; reception staff was good"

, Kolkata
2 months ago

Hotel is located just nearby beach. Hotel location is fine. Look wise, hotel is average. Reception staff was good. Services were okay. Food was not available. A nice view was visible from hotel rooms. Rooms were average. Garden was available. Puri is a nice place for tourism.

"Nice government property"

, Kolkata
2 months ago

It is a government property. I stayed for 7 days here. Food facility was not available. Kitchen option was there. Hotel is just for registered employees. Staff behavior was helpful. Rooms were neat and clean. All basic amenities were available like TV, geyser, etc. Location was excellent as it was just near to the beach. Puri place is awesome for visit.

"Good location"

, Kolkata
2 months ago

Location was good. Hotel was situated at about 5 to 7 mins distance from beach. Beach view was not available from room. I stayed here for three days with my family. I traveled by train. Food facility was not available but kitchen was there. Indoor and outdoor activities were not available. Services were below average. Rooms were average. TV, geyser was available. AC and non-AC rooms were available. Inner and outer look was nice. It is a 6-storey building. Puri as a place is excellent. It is recommendable hotel for travelers.

"Good hotel; nice services"

2 months ago

The hotel was nearby to the beach. Services of the hotel were good. According to the budget, rooms were average. Restaurant was not there, it was outside the hotel. Location of the hotel was very good. Sea facing rooms were available there. Appearance of the hotel was average. Booking was done here through travel guide. No problem was there in booking. Puri as a tourist spot is an excellent place. Basic amenities such as TV, geyser, etc. were there. We stayed there with family for 3 days. Pickup and drop facility was there only if you asked.

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